Circle Christmas!

Samuel WInkler
Only two days back from Thanksgiving break and everyone’s got loads to do. This past Saturday, we had one of the highlights of the musical year: Groton Pops. It’s just a time to celebrate Christmas music.
Hearing the jazz band, jazz combo, and orchestra, as well as performing with the Maqupellas (a cappella group) was wonderful. The great thing is that even though music here is always great, Groton Pops is more about the vibe. All of us coming together with Christmas spirit.

The best part of that night came afterward, hanging out with friends. I swear Saturday nights are the greatest thing ever. Sitting on the Forum steps, eating fried dough and laughing with friends in the Maqupellas. It was a pseudo-afterparty, with both talking and a little bit of jamming. The conversation and the chuckles never stopped. It was like the night truly went on forever. Sure we had Saturday classes, sure we had games afterward, sure we had to put in hours of prep work for the concert, but it’s all worth it for the vibe of Groton Pops