Parents Weekend

Maya Luthi
This past weekend was the first Parents Weekend we’ve had since my Third Form year.
Last year, parents met on Zoom with advisors, but this weekend parents were finally allowed on campus for in-person conferences with our teachers. The highlight for me had to be Friday night. Some friends and I sang in the choir for the Parents Weekend concert (very exciting because it was the first time we’ve gotten to sing indoors for such a large audience since the start of the pandemic).

Afterward, we decided we were really craving ice cream. I called my dad, who was staying at a hotel nearby, to ask if he could take us to Johnson’s, a classic place to stop for food in town. We excitedly filled out "REACH" sign-out approval forms, a few minutes before going on stage. The concert, however, ended at fifteen minutes to 10, when Johnson’s closed. At 9:50, we scrambled into the back of the rental car. It only took us about six minutes to get there, and the lights were still on when we arrived, but to our dismay when we arrived at the window, one of the workers told us they’d closed early.

We sighed as we got back into the car. “I know,” my Dad suggested, “we can at least stop and grab you guys some snacks from CVS on the way back.”

What we realized we’d forgotten as we strolled through the deserted aisles was that they have a freezer section. We bought a pint each, one coffee, one Ben & Jerry's "Tonight Dough," and one mint chip.
Once back at school, my friends and I sat together in the outer common room with spoons and pints in hand, still a bit annoyed at Johnson’s but overall very content.