Studying in the Schoolhouse

Maya '23
As Fifth Formers this year, my grade gets "8-10," meaning we’re allowed to be outside of the dorm when we’d previously had study hall.
At first it actually kind of stressed me out. Before this year, we were stuck in our rooms with really no choice but to work, and I liked it because I knew everyone else was working too. Last week, it felt like that structure, as well as the comfort that you weren’t missing out on anything, was suddenly stripped away. 

My solution was to try to get the majority of my heavier work done before going to the Schoolhouse (for example, writing essays), and then heading to the Forum or library to go through quizlets, do group work, and mainly talk to people. However, it’s 8:05 p.m. and I’m actually sitting in the library in a comfy, stripey, red chair next to my friends as I write this. Here’s why: as our junior-year workload has inevitably begun to grow, everyone during 8-10 has become more and more focused on getting things done. I’m now appreciating how nice it is that we get to get things doneand go through this yeartogether.  

Last night for example, I was pretty stressed about an enviro report. Instead of holing up in my room, I walked around the Circle from Hundred House to the Schoolhouse with my friend, Lauren. The night was clear. The weather still feels pretty summery during the day, but now in the evenings, more and more you can feel a cool, fall breeze. I noticed the big dipper above the white, COVID-testing tent, and then I noticed all the other stars around the glowing, white Schoolhouse tower. Lauren and I weren’t talking about anything particularly deep, I think Britney Spears or something, and the walk was probably only about three minutes, but it was peaceful. Little pockets like these in our increasingly busy lives are, I think, very important in keeping us sane and also in touch with a world bigger than we are. 

Once we arrived in the Schoolhouse library, I found a group of my enviro classmates who were just as stressed as I was about the paper. It was very comforting to know that even though this year will be a challenge, I won’t have to go through it alone. All in all, getting to hang out with my form from 8-10 has become a very good thing.