Safari Day!

Yesterday we went on a safari through Tangarie National Park. In the morning, all the Orkeeswa 2nd Formers arrived to Emmanyatta so that we could load the vehicles together: 2 Groton kids and about 4 Orkeeswa kids in each car. As we rode in excitement towards the park, we nibbled on caramels and drank Coke. Once we finally entered the actual park, it wasn’t long before we spotted gnus, a resting hippo, ostriches, impalas, antelopes, elephants, and many beautiful birds.
We shared a few pairs of binoculars amongst ourselves to see the animals better. We stopped briefly for lunch at the park’s picnic area, and continued afterwards. The day’s climax, a male lion’s desperate hunt for a zebra among a nervous dazzle of zebras, ended when the targeted zebra narrowly escaped the lion’s clutches. Our vehicle drove back promptly to Emmanyatta, from which exhausted Orkeeswa kids trekked back home. Later we heard that some vehicles witnessed another cheetah chase that was actually successful (for the cheetah, not the zebra). Nonetheless, it was an exciting day.

– Candilla