Happy to Be Here in Hohhot

I’m writing a brief update now since it’s quite late (nearly midnight) and I’m running out of battery on my laptop (and my charger plug won’t fit in the outlets here).
We had a very pleasant journey from Beijing to Inner Mongolia this afternoon.  We took a bus directly from Kemsley Academy’s facility in Tianjin to the Beijing Airport and had an easy hour-long flight to Hohhot.  We were driven straight from the airport here in Hohhot to our hotel (the Phoenix) in the city center.

I wish I could adequately describe the evening we just had here at the hotel.  We dined in a private room with Ms. Jin’s cousin and two local friends — and we were treated to an unbelievably delicious meal of many different Mongolian delicacies.  As we were nearing the end of our feast, a group of Mongolian musicians (dressed in traditional costume) entered the room and performed splendid music featuring spectacular singing.  I will try to post a video when I have some more time (and power).  The boys even did some singing for the table, which was a special treat for the adults in the room.

If tonight is any indication of what the next two weeks in Inner Mongolia will be like, we certainly have much to look forward to.  I’ll do my best to get one of the boys to write a blog post tomorrow.  Best wishes to you all!  –Peter Fry