Annndddd We’re Back!

I’ve really been enjoying my time back on campus. I arrived on campus last Saturday. I was lucky enough to get a loft in my dorm, so my room is bigger than the average room and we have two floors. After forty+ long hours of quarantine, I was finally able to explore campus and see most of my friends for the first time in over six months.
I also started classes on Monday. So far, my first week has been a lot different than last year; I have fewer classes, and therefore my schedule is spaced out (I have a lot of time in between many of my classes). This gives me an opportunity to go to the dorm and relax, or start my homework early so I have less to worry about later.
Finally, this week I started what we’re calling the Zebra Combine—it focuses on football skills but isn’t quite football, since that’s not allowed due to the pandemic. This is my first time playing football, so these first few practices have definitely been learning experiences. On the first practice, the coach had to pull me aside in the very first drill and show me how to hold a football the right way. Little moments like that have happened a few times (and have been a little embarrassing), but I’ve really enjoyed learning the game and meeting new people. Hopefully we can have a season at some point.

I’ve had a great first week of the school year. Even with the new restrictions and guidelines on campus, I’ve made a lot of memories with my friends and had a lot of fun. I hope the rest of this year continues to be just as amazing!