With Snow Comes Joy

I’m so glad to be back! I really enjoyed my time at home; I spent a lot of time with my family (my little sister Reghan in particular). I’d missed them so much. However, the extended time away from Groton also made me miss the Circle and the people on it more every day I was away.
I was really homesick the first few days here, but as I readjusted back to Groton and saw my friends, I felt grateful and happy for the opportunity to be here.

I’ve already had so much fun in the two weeks I’ve been here. The many conversations, laughs, and walks with my friends that I’d missed at home have been amazing, to say the least. I’ve really been enjoying the moment while I’ve been here, happy for every day on campus and trying to make the best out of each opportunity I get (obviously Groton makes it really easy to do so). Classes have been going well, and while it’s been cold, the snow really is beautiful. In my time outside of class I’ve been writing a lot of poetry, watching Netflix, and spending time with my classmates, of course. I hope everyone has been having a great time back and I look forward to the next five weeks on the Circle!