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Maddie '24

True Genius?

I have recently received the title of genius (albeit a four- out of five-star genius)…
Not to brag or anything but I struggled with this puzzle for approximately two hours (maybe longer). I, therefore, felt a responsibility to share. Can you tell I’ve been having so much fun?!

As stated on the box, the goal is to disassemble it, giving you an idea of the configuration of the pieces, and then put it back together. Now, it is important to note that this was actually my younger sister’s birthday present and so she had taken it upon herself to take it apart and then leave it in pieces all over the dining room table. Thank you Sadie! So I was left with no idea of what it even looked like when the pieces were put together. But let me tell you, that made the victory so much sweeter. 

I have never really been into puzzles; I didn’t go through a Rubik’s cube faze either, but I think I need to order myself some more of these. Maybe I will even level up to a five-star genius …