Zebra Tales
Alesandra '22

The Perfect Day

Salty ocean water trickles down my back, slipping down a curl that fell out of my loose bun. I continue down the path as it winds around small hills, tasting the salt in the air and the sand on my lips. Today is a perfect summer day, just the way to end the season. The sun is bright and warm, pulsing on my arms and face. Slowly, my towel falls from around my shoulders to my waist, covered in a crust of sand from the rocky beach. The particles swirl in the wind, whipping across my body.
There’s even music playing, which makes it even better. It’s that summer playlist that’s just right, setting the mood as our hair whirls around breeze. I want this moment to last forever, to freeze time as we trail our way up to the house, flip flops wet and smiles big. This is the best thing about summer, I decide. It’s like in all the books and movies. I have finally achieved the perfect summer day.