Zebra Tales
Alesandra '22

Me Time

Even though I’ve been here for just over two weeks, I already feel like I’ve been here forever. My morning routine is down–waking up at 7 and then closing my eyes for another few minutes–and I’ve settled into the dorm, making new friends and having fun. And while I love hanging out with my new formmates and getting to know everyone, Groton sometimes is overwhelming (like every school is). I’ve found that sometimes I don’t make enough time for just me, whether it’s writing in my journal or even simple things like walking alone to the Dining Hall.
When I wasn’t at boarding school, it was easy to go on a walk or just lay outside and listen to music, but here I feel like I always have to be with someone. Just to walk from chapel to Roll Call, I find myself searching for a friend to walk with for the 30-second stroll. So I’ve found that me time is essential here at Groton–at least for me to be able to be at my best. Picking up a book and reading a chapter, cleaning my room and listening to music, putting on a face mask and watching a movie. They might seem like trivial things, but I love them. Just the feeling of picking dirty clothes off the floor with my earbuds blasting my favorite songs is so refreshing. There is something soothing about being alone with a face mask on, the tangerine clay wafting in the air, eyes closed, lying on top of my bed.

I’ll open my eyes after twenty minutes; although usually, those twenty minutes will turn into a couple of hours–but that’s not important. Even those few moments can start me off on the right path for the rest of the week.

My favorite songs