Zebra Tales
Alesandra '22


Last night, I had finished all of my homework and sat idly at my desk, doodling in my planner. There was not much else for me to do, as it was a Thursday night and I worked ahead at the beginning of the week. I decided to watch a movie, and as I opened Netflix, a trailer for a movie popped up on my screen. Dumplin’. I had seen the book a few years ago in Barnes and Nobles and had it on my reading list for a while, but never got a chance to read it. When I heard that there was a movie version being made, I was vaguely excited. I made half-hearted plans to watch it but then forgot all about it.
The title was the first thing I saw on Netflix, and I had already finished all episodes of Law and Order, Reign, and Jane the Virgin. I pressed play and settled into my blankets. Right away I was hooked. The characters were lovable and relatable. Willowdean, the main character, was not “perfect,” which I loved. It was full of music, and I quickly went onto Spotify to download my favorite songs. By the end of the movie, I had probably cried ten times, and my glasses were fogged with tears. The end credits played in the background as I rolled over in my bed and wiped away the last tears. Dumplin’ was exactly what I needed, the perfect movie to watch that night.