Zebra Tales
Alesandra '22

Spring is Coming

The Circle is covered in snow, but I know better. Even though brown slush coats the pavements and cold wind chills me to the bone, I can see spring lying in wait. As I sit in the Schoolroom during the day, sunlight pours through the wide windows, warming me in my seat.
The walk to the Dining Hall isn’t as cold anymore, and I’ve even gone to bed without socks on. I can just see the warm spring days laying on the Circle after lunch, and spontaneous runs down to the boathouse. Sure, the walk from the bathroom after a warm shower to my dorm room is brutal, but after I get dressed and raise the shades, I can see the blue sky and clouds lingering on the horizon. I’m anticipating spring sports and barbecues for dinner, games on the Circle, Spring Fling, the dorm swims in the Nash, and the dodgeball for check-in.  Spring’s coming, and I can’t wait.