Zebra Tales
Grace '21

First Snow of the Year!

It was a Thursday night during exam week. I had faced a long day of studying, and yet, as I walked out of the Schoolhouse to head back to my dorm, my roommate and I were greeted by the only thing a person wishes for in winter– snow!!! The flakes were tiny, but of course, our first reaction was to blast “Let it Snow” and sporadically dance around the Circle while singing at the top of our lungs. After standing outside our dorm for about five minutes in absolute awe (still singing “Let it Snow”), we reluctantly headed inside to finish our studying.  I wasn’t expecting a lot of snow; as I previously mentioned, the flakes were minuscule, but I was pleasantly surprised an hour and a half later at the end of study hall…
During the period after study hall and before check-in (called the 15), my roommate Olivia and our friend Ainsley headed outside to go play pool in the Student Center. However, when we stepped outside, our feet sank into five inches of snow. We immediately began running around, throwing snowballs at one another, and occasionally face planting as a result of our poor choices in footwear (I don’t recommend Birkenstocks and sneakers in winter). We eventually made our way to the Student Center, but decided to turn around and go to the Circle to get involved in an almost form-wide snowball fight! It was an absolute blast; everyone was freezing and soaking wet, but we couldn’t get enough of the fresh white powder. Snowballs were flying past our faces and everywhere you looked were imprints of snow angels. Despite the stress of exams, everyone had a smile on their face and the air was buzzing with laughter. It was a little slice of heaven that we all needed, and a fantastic way to launch into winter!