Zebra Tales
Grace '21

Lacrosse Trip to Florida!

This past spring break, the girls lacrosse team traveled to Clearwater, Florida for preseason. While some teams stayed on campus to train, we were lucky enough to stay at a hotel near a beach, with beautiful weather guaranteed almost every day. The trip is always a blast; regardless of skill level, anyone is invited, which makes for a fun and diverse group of girls. In addition to our regular coaching staff, we had a 2013 Groton graduate joining us who played at Harvard and USC. She helped us tremendously with our skills and understanding of the game, and it was a great opportunity to have her with us.
We began the trip this year by scrimmaging four other teams from around New England and Pennsylvania, who had also come to Florida for their preseason. Although it was a quick jump into our season, witnessing the team come together so swiftly was rewarding and reassuring. Typical of almost every day, we headed back to the hotel after our games to hang at the beach or to take a dip in the pool. Even though we were on a school-sponsored trip, the breaks between practices allowed us to relish our last few days away from campus. The afternoons were finished off by scrimmages (except the first day, when our scrimmage and practice time were switched). What I find special about this trip is that what we learn in the mornings can be applied that very night. It’s very inspiring to witness the team learn and grow so fast.

The evenings in Florida were always entertaining. We filled our nights with pool swims, evening trips to the beach, ice cream runs, and sunset excursions. Despite our fatigue, we always made sure to make the most of our time in Florida. All in all, the trip was a fantastic learning experience and the perfect way to finish March break.