Zebra Tales
Caleb '20

Action-Packed Summer

This summer for me has been filled with a whirlwind of commitments that have made summer feel less like the “chilling on the couch” summers that I have been used too. Between juggling my job at a sports camp, daily workouts for football, random odd jobs, SAT prep, visiting schools and looking after my 8 year old sister, there has been considerably less downtime. Although I haven’t been overwhelmed with downtime, this type of summer was exactly what I needed heading into my junior year. Ever since I came to Groton in 8th grade, my lifestyle has adapted to fit a constant schedule, and when that schedule does not exist I feel thrown off. Having a so much to do this summer made me feel as though this daily “schedule” still existed and that worked out well for me.
These long summer days of commitments made me appreciate the relaxing days of doing nothing so much more. My vacations to Martha’s Vineyard were when I really got to unwind an appreciate my freetime. As schools rolls around the corner and these summer days come to an end I have come to love the action packed days just as much as the lazy ones as I get ready to return to the circle.