Zebra Tales
Caleb '20

Off to a Great Start

The members of the Groton football team arrived on campus September 3 and were immediately thrown into a vigorous practice and conditioning schedule. With almost three weeks until our opening game versus St. George’s, we began our daily preseason grind. Through early morning wake-ups, three practices a day, and various conditioning, I could not have been more proud of how we gave 100 percent each and every rep. When I think back to the opening days of preseason, I can’t help but shudder thinking of the heat that we endured. It was the kind of heat that stuck on throughout the night, yet still we worked hard daily.
One of the coolest things to see is how the football team brings together guys of all ages who are all focused on the same goal. I remember being that little Second Former, looking up to the older players, and all it took was a simple “good work kid” to make me feel like I was on top of the world. As a leader of this team now, I see the same joy in the younger guys’ eyes after I say, “Hey, good work bro!” I can see that they do not want to let anyone down, and they motivate me to work harder as a leader every day.

This past Saturday, all the hard work we had put in during the preseason finally paid off. We made the two-hour journey down to Rhode Island, and we came back with a powerful 34-6 win and brought the St. George’s/Groton trophy back to G-town for the second consecutive year. There is no better feeling than seeing the results of the work you put in. And although I couldn’t be happier with the result, I know we have more work to do and more games to play. I look forward to what the rest of the season has in store!