Zebra Tales
Caleb '20

Winter Time

It is often said that Groton reaches its most difficult point when the weather gets colder and the days get shorter. Most kids find stress levels rising as the workload increases drastically, and to this I am no exception. It is no surprise that Groton gets tough and challenges us in many ways, however this year it is my goal to find the light in the little things this winter, even if the sun is setting at around 3 pm.
I don’t believe that completing this goal is something I will struggle to do as already this fall I have been making enjoying these moments something I naturally do. Often my friend Bennett and I will walk to dinner “pathetically slow,” as people like to say, but these are the moments I have come to enjoy. Constantly at Groton we scurry from activity to activity and forget to just take it slow. These long, maybe too long, walks are my time in the day to take it easy and relax.

Times like this, or when P.K, Gili, and I pack our bags to make a journey to the dining hall to get our pre check-in cereal are the moments I strive to enjoy here every day, and if we all took the time, I think we would find a lot more moments like them to enjoy.