Zebra Tales
Caleb '20

Taking on Junior Year (Fifth Form)

Junior year! The time everyone says is the “worst” year at Groton, and so far fall has been my favorite term out of all of my time here. Although schoolwork has had its dark moments as it always does, I’ve handled myself well and given myself all the opportunities to thrive, and for that I am very proud of myself. I think this year has been my favorite so far because of the freedom we are given and the choices we must make for ourselves in order to achieve the goals we have set. There is nobody telling me to go to bed, or when to start my homework for the next day or even further on in the week. But honestly, this need for independence is something that helps me and I know it will prove even more helpful in the future.
While junior fall was fun, it was also constantly action packed. From classes, to football practice, straight to dinner in order to make it in time to eat, finishing homework, and getting to bed at a reasonable hour, my days were surely very busy. Still, I can say that I enjoyed every single one, even the toughest. But I can’t say that when winter break came around I wasn’t ready to go home, relax, and hit the reset button to get ready to take on whatever winter term will throw at me.