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Jed '20

Venturing into the DJ World

In my first post, I went into detail about my summer experiences at Bluewood Productions (for concerts), but I have spent equal, if not more, time with Steve Metz at Metropolitan DJ, in my city of Huntsville, Alabama. Starting in March, I was shadowing him at big proms and learning how to set up pipe & drape as well as uplighting for weddings. Steve actually lost his voice before the first event that I went to, so he asked if I could make announcements over the microphone for him at the prom, which was a first for me! After that night, I improved my natural sound and friendliness on the mic, which was useful at my own DJ events.
I have learned vast technical details that help me deliver a great experience for the events I’ve done personally. After I watched him read the energy of a crowd and mix in old and new music, I tried implementing it on my own and saw results. Recently, I played for four hours at a pool party and found myself entertaining the adults and younger children equally, due to what I gleaned from Steve. He is a great mentor and influence. I look forward to where this hobby will take me in the future. At Groton, especially during my senior year, I think what I have learned from him will really amp up the social events.