Zebra Tales
Jed '20

March Madness

As I watched my poorly crafted NCAA tournament bracket drop in the national rankings, day after day, I wished that I actually had some skill in predicting who would go all the way this March. However, I had no reason to fear! We were having a 3 v. 3 basketball tourney of our own!
I walked up the stairs to the gym, bracket in hand on a Saturday night, ready to start our focused games after everyone got warmed up. I opened the doors to a bright gym, rap music playing and boys in shooting sleeves and headbands warming up their three-point shots. While it only lasted two hours, and ended the same night it started, I had a blast with my team, which was a collection of out of season hockey players. Sixteen teams entered a single elimination tournament, playing half-court games in the Athletic Center during a time of the year when basketball hype is at its peak! My team made it to the second round and lost, but I had a blast watching the semifinalist winners go at it in the championship. Unfortunately, my Wade’s Dorm team pick lost to a younger team, but in our defense, they had both a varsity basketball player, and we had none.

After this event, we all showered and made our way to the Performing Arts Center, where I had the honor of introducing a mind-reader/hypnotist to the Circle for the night! That was quite an event to end a satisfying Saturday night! The turnout was great and the spring term excitement was in the air.