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Awesome Afternoons

One of the best things about attending Groton is being able to attend games and show some school spirit. During fall term, I watched a lot of varsity volleyball games, and I really enjoyed learning about a new sport and supporting friends and dorm mates. One of my favourite memories is last winter’s St Mark’s Day, when the girls varsity basketball team secured victory over St. Mark’s at the sound of the final buzzer.
Groton presents students with so many opportunities to try something new or explore an existing interest–during fall term I did a Step FSA, in the winter I am playing JV hockey, and in the spring I will be back to doing dance. Before coming here, I had never done step or even seen a hockey stick in real life. I learned a lot in my FSA about the history of step in historically black colleges and university Greek life, its origins in South African gumboot dancing, and how fun it can be to make music with your body. I am not a fan of cold weather, but playing hockey makes winter an exciting term. I love the feeling of being on a team, and the fun, carefree spirit that JV puck carries. I did ballet for almost my whole life before coming to Groton, and last year it was great to step out of my comfort zone and try hockey for the first time in a stress-free, supportive environment.

Whether you are cheering your fellow Zebras on at games, trying something new, or enjoying an activity you have loved for a long time, extracurricular life at Groton is a great way to get involved. As Owen Gund ‘19 would say, “turn up or transfer.”