Zebra Tales
Julien '19


This coming weekend is the SAC’s Halloweekend! It’s one of my favorite events of the year. SAC stands for Student Activities Committee. As one of the heads of the committee this year, I help organize weekend events ranging from dances to dodgeball tournaments to trivia nights. This week, however, we are in full Halloween mode. We have all sorts of things planned! We’ve already held our annual dorm pumpkin carving competition (congratulations to Petroskey’s) and decorated the Schoolhouse. Now, everyone is planning their costumes! The SAC and Art Club have hosted two nights where you can go to the art center and make your own costume. Otherwise, we have a couple trips to Halloween stores!
My favorite part, however, has always been the haunted house. I’ve been doing SAC for a few years so I’ve seen all sorts of ideas. When I was in Fourth Form, we set up a haunted hayride, which was amazing. My friend Lily and I dressed up as zombie twins and jumped on the unfortunate souls passing by. There were some setbacks, however, including a few broken windows and an incident of some milk being thrown (literally, why?).

Last year, we turned the Student Center into a haunted maze. It was incredible. The space was barely recognizable. It was really fun watching all my friends scream when we jumped at them. Everyone who participated got really into it, which made it so much better.

I’m really excited for what we have in store for this year. We’re planning a haunted house in the old fives courts. Each room will have a different theme that the students move between. I can’t wait to get decorating! I love coming up with new ideas for activities. SAC really is one of the only responsibilities I have that never feels like work. It’s so much fun getting to see students enjoy something that you spent so much time creating. So, SAC Halloweekend 2018, here we come!