Zebra Tales
Anthony '22

Summer Pastimes

I have been working at the Brookline Country Club in Brookline, MA as a caddy this summer. At first, being a caddie was hard because there were many things I did not know about golf. So it felt like a lot of things were being thrown at me all at once. Eventually, I got the hang of it and it became a lot easier.
In addition to being a caddy, I have also been seeing old friends over the summer. I recently went to Martha’s Vineyard with my previous school: Beacon Academy. Every summer we have a reunion on the Vineyard, where all the graduated classes meet the new class to give them advice about the upcoming school year. We had a big cookout where we got to introduce ourselves to the new students and talk to them. The Vineyard trip was a lot of fun this year, and I plan on attending it again next summer.