Zebra Tales
Anthony '22


For the month of July I attended the GRACE program that Groton offers students entering the Fourth Form to accelerate as well as catch up in courses. I took Geometry with Mr. Creamer and an introduction to Chemistry with Mr. Lamarre-Vincent.
Although GRACE is during the summer, the workload is similar to during the school year, and the courses were very challenging. However, the program balanced work and play very well, allowing students to have a great deal of fun while working hard.

Twice a week there were off-campus activities such as bowling, mini golfing, and movies. On the weekends, we went to Six Flags, Provincetown, zip-lining, and white-water rafting. During the week, we could go to the pool, the weight room, the Nash, or play games on the Circle.

In addition to work and play, GRACE provided me the opportunity to develop closer relationships with my formmates. Overall, I enjoyed my time at GRACE because not only did I get to catch up on math and get ahead in chemistry, but I also was able to bond with classmates I was not as close to during the school year and have a lot of fun.