Zebra Tales
Anthony '22


Last year, I attended Chapel on Sundays for my religious commitment. Ever since I was little, I have always gone to a Christian church and my grandparents have always tried to preach the teachings of Christianity. When I came to Groton, I thought nothing of it when I had to choose what I would attend for a religious commitment. Instinctively, I chose Chapel and I enjoyed the services on Sundays.
However, I realized that the only the time I had ever stepped outside of Christianity was when I attended school in a Jewish temple for a year. This epiphany made me think about how many opportunities I would have to experience other religious practices other than Christianity. So, I began to ask my peers about their religious beliefs and what services they attend. Some of my friends told me about how they were never really religious before coming to Groton, but decided to try Sangha, or Chapel, or Catholic Mass, or Jewish Shabbat.

This inquiry led me to sign up for Jewish Shabbat services this year. When I attended my very first Shabbat service, it was very intriguing and nerve-wracking. At the beginning, I was very hesitant to follow along in the prayers because I knew I was butchering the words, but also because I didn’t know if I truly belonged there. For starters I am a Christian, and second, I was the only person of color there. Yet, Mr, Spierer, the leader of Jewish Shabbat, welcomed me with open arms and made me feel more comfortable as the service went on. I am very glad that I decided to join Jewish Shabbat this year, and I hope to improve on my pronunciation of the prayers.