Zebra Tales
Anthony '22

Maqupellas and Open Mic

Last week at Groton was very tough and exhausting, which led to a fun-filled weekend. On the first day back from Long Weekend, I had an in-class essay first period. On Wednesday, all of the Fourth Formers and Fifth Formers (10-11 grade) took the PSAT. Then Thursday and Friday, I had three quizzes and a lab due.
However, the weekend made all of the work worth it. Although there were a couple off-campus trips offered, I decided to stay on campus to just relax and have some time to slow life down. Hanging out with my friends completely lifted my mood, and I remembered how nice it is to be surrounded by people who are going through similar challenges.

In addition to talking and cracking jokes, we went to the Maqupellas performance. It was my first time ever seeing our school’s a cappella group perform, and I was amazed by the group’s talent. Soon after, we decided to go to open mic, where any student can perform any piece of music they want or even recite poems. Seeing how courageous the performers were gave me inspiration to perform in the spring term at open mic. Overall, my week was tiring but in the end I had a blast.