Zebra Tales
Anthony '22

St. Mark’s Day

St. Mark’s Day during the winter term is my favorite event because my main sport is basketball, and we get to face off against our archrival, St. Mark’s.
However, this year’s St. Mark’s Day was a little different for me. At the beginning of winter term I had to get surgery on my knee, which caused me to miss the remainder of the season. Although it was a tough winter, boys varsity basketball improved a lot since last year, and the team chemistry we had was something I’d never experienced before. To see my teammates work so hard and reap the reward was amazing. We did not beat St. Mark’s this year, unfortunately, but the energy on the court and from the sidelines made this game the most enjoyable of this season. It was beautiful to see the entire school come out to support not only the boys basketball team, but also the girls basketball team and both hockey teams. It is hard to find time to support other teams in the winter, with different practice and game schedules on top of the workload. But St. Mark’s Day is one day when everyone is able to watch Groton teams compete and cheer on their peers.