Zebra Tales
Magnus '21

My Canada Trip

In late summer my family packed up our car and set off on the annual summer vacation. This year we chose to travel to Canada, specifically Quebec City and Mont-Tremblant. Normally we just travel to Maine for a few days, but this year we decided to do something big since my older brother is heading off to college in a couple weeks.
For the first few days, we stayed in Quebec City, just outside the old town. Each morning I would wake up and go for a run as I am preparing for football pre-season, which is just two short weeks away.

I believe that whenever I travel somewhere new, the best way to get acquainted with the city and the people is to go for a run. There are some key rules for these types of runs, however. For instance, you can’t run with music as it isolates you from what is going on around you. It detracts from the experience as a whole because if your intention for this run is to immerse yourself in this new environment, the music creates a bubble or wall of separation sheltering you inside. Another rule of mine is that I have no set route. This is by far the most fun and interesting part. Running without a set route or destination is quite invigorating and freeing as it requires the runner to stay attentive to their surroundings. Every corner and stoplight pose a new question. Do I turn left, right, do I go straight? It forces you to look up from the road, take a look around, and digest what is around you.

So far, these runs have been the best part of my trip. I have been able to explore and experience Quebec City less as a tourist and more as a resident. I grew familiar with the geography and layout of the city as well as the people. I was both sad and excited to leave for Mont-Tremblant because I really enjoyed my time in Quebec, but I also wanted to explore more of what Canada has to offer.