Magnus '21

St. Mark’s Day 2019

At Groton, one of the most poignant and significant traditions is Spirit Week and St. Mark’s Day. St. Mark’s is our biggest rival in the ISL, and it has been this way for over a hundred years. The first game in this saga was actually played in 1886. Every year since, the Groton sports teams have played the Lions. These games are so ingrained in the school’s identity that we dedicate a day to it. We call it St. Mark’s Day. On this day, all of the sports teams, and the student body as a whole, get kitted out in Groton gear and dress up to show spirit. I personally have seen students dress up in red and black tutus and red and black face paint. It is really fun to see and participate in.
In addition to St. Mark’s Day, we dedicate the week leading up to it to Spirit Week. This week is special because there are many festivities, games, and activities that students can be a part of. Each day, there is a different theme which students can dress up for. This year there was Favorite Teacher Day, Country Day, and many others. There are also games during conference and announcements and skits during Roll Call. Students partake in these activities to try and earn points for their dorm. By the end of the week, the dorm with the most points wins a feed for the entire dorm.

This year, I had a fun time watching all my friends win conference games and give announcements. I dressed up a few times, but I never won best dressed. Luckily, however, I am a part of an awesome dorm, as we ended up winning the feed. What made the week even more special though was the football game against St. Mark’s. As a member of the football team, this is the biggest game of the year, no matter what. From the moment preseason begins, we have our eyes set on St. Mark’s. This year was a success as we beat the Lions 46–0. Even though I was stuck on the sideline with a shoulder injury, it was still awesome to support the team and the seniors through one of the best seasons and the best games in school history.

Overall, this St. Mark’s Day and Spirit Week have been among the best times I have had so far.