Jacinta '22

A Weekend at Groton

Every weekend there are so many activities to choose from! There might be a dance with a specific theme, like an 80’s dance, which is coming up. Or you might just choose to hang out with your friends. 
Saturday Afternoon: Last weekend, there was an event call Fall Jam, where every club had a table so students could learn about them and sign up. Dinner was set up outside, so people ate on the tables outside the Dining Hall or on the Circle! Additionally, there were games set up on the Circle, and the air was filled with laughing students mingling around the school. 

Saturday Night: That night, there was a trivia event. Everyone who wanted to participate had to form a group of six to eight people. And so the competition started; it was full of questions ranging from football to the Avengers, fun bonus challenges, and the pressure of beating the clock. And even though my team did not win, we all had an amazing time. A couple of us from our team then hung out in the Student Center, playing ping pong and foosball, until check-in at 11:00 p.m.

Sunday Morning: On Sunday mornings, those who attend Chapel and Catholic Mass are able to go to their religious commitment. The school offers a variety of them, but I go to Catholic Mass. After that, I usually head over to the Dining Hall with friends for Sunday brunch, which includes everything from pastries, to eggs and bacon, to waffles.

Sunday Afternoon: After brunch, Sunday for me is usually reserved for getting caught up on my work for the beginning of the coming week. Fourth Formers often gather on the second floor of the Schoolhouse, in what we call “the bubbles,” to study; but if the weather is nice, I will sometimes study on the Circle. I love how Sunday allows time to relax, as well as to do work alongside your friends. But in case you want to do something else, there are always activities on Sundays, such as trips to Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and The Point. Last weekend, a friend and I went on a canoe trip. The Nashua River is so beautiful, and on a nice day, canoeing down it allowed for a peaceful outing to start the week off right!