Zebra Tales
Jacinta '22

Halloween Starts Early

October, as I like to think of it, is the very center of fall. The trees have completely changed color, and the leaves are finally trickling down. It is finally the time of year when you can feel the crisp air outside. The time of year when sweaters are necessary and hot chocolate recommended. Best of all, the whole month has the spirit of people eagerly waiting for Halloween.
Last year, on the weekend of Halloween, there was a Haunted House at school, as well as a Halloween dance! People would dress up and have an incredible time! I am looking forward to that in a couple of weeks! This year, my friends and I have decided to dress up as Pink Ladies from the movie Grease.

Additionally, Groton has a trip to “Witch’s Woods” as a weekend activity, a Halloween-themed carnival where you can win prizes at carnival games, go on rides, enter various haunted houses, go on a hayride, and eat carnival food. This year, a group of my friends and I decided to go. It was so much fun!

We first decided to go on one carnival ride, which was great! Then, we went into the Haunted House as a group. We had funnel cakes and hot chocolate to warm up as we waited in line for the hayride, my favorite part. The ride took you on a path into the woods as the leader of the group told spooky stories. Then, we all went on the rides again as we waited for the bus to pick us up to go back to Groton. It was an amazing night! And now I am even more excited for Halloween to come!