Zebra Tales
Trey '21

Public Speaking: The Chance to be an Extrovert

The light almost blinds me as I take my seat—adjacent to Mr. Leroy and across from Ambrey ’20—on the CPAC stage. Nearly four hundred guests sit in attendance as we pass Gracie ’21 and Caleb ’21, who just finished their section of Groton’s Open House presentation on athletics. We smile, and Mr. Leroy begins, “Today, we would like to touch base on student life here on the Circle.”
It might be a little weird that I enjoy public speaking as much as I do, but when Mr. Pomeroy asked me to talk about everyday Groton life, I jumped at the opportunity. I was honored. For my two-and-a-half-minute speech, I got to tell the crowd about my advisory, my Spanish class, and my fears about coming to Groton—or rather about leaving home. Not only did I get the chance to represent my school, but it was a very introspective experience for me. I was able to reflect upon how lucky I was to have found this community.

The morning prior, I also had an opportunity to address a large audience, though instead of prospective families, I spoke to my own friends and fellow students. As a peer counselor on campus, I was tasked with performing a skit alongside Anna ’21, Mike ’21, and Doug ’20. Together, we tackled Groton’s “Sanctuary Policy,” which is a program that helps students receive emergency medical assistance. While our skit was lighthearted, and our jokes received some good laughs, we were able to bring awareness to a serious topic.

While the Open House and peer counselors’ “chapel talk” were two different venues, my core message was the same: At Groton, we care for one another—in fun and in stress. I was thrilled to share my outlook with others and look forward to the next time I get to speak in a public forum again.