Zebra Tales
Trey '21

Lincoln’s Dorm: The King of Spirit Week

Gathered together in the common room for check-in, the nineteen boarding members of Lincoln’s Dorm and a few of our day student affiliates excitedly chat with one another. After a highly competitive Spirit week, we anxiously await the results of the inter-dorm contest. A “feed” for the victors—which is a meal catered from off-campus—is on the line. Boooooom! The ten o’clock tintinnabulations ring out from the school bells. Sixty seconds later, another set of rings captivates the common room. On each of our phones, we receive the same alert—an email from Spirit Committee head Elizabeth Girian, entitled “SPIRIT WEEK WINNERS.” I open it and scan for a dorm name. Sure enough, in bold print, the email reads: “Spirit Week winners! LINCOLN’S & CHUNG’S!!”
We were ecstatic. Happy and hollering, we high-fived and hugged each other until the end of check-in. Before returning to our rooms however, we unanimously decided on Chick-Fil-A for our “feed.” Currently, we have yet to select a day, but remain optimistic about the waffle fries in our future.

Prior to exams every term, Groton schedules a week of spirit where students can earn points for their dorm. Each day of the week has a unique theme and minute-to-win it game. By having the best Roll Call announcement, wearing the most creative outfit, or winning the contest at conference period, a student can propel their dorm to the top of the leaderboard. Also, the Spirit Committee sponsors a meme wall outside of the Schoolroom. While my dorm put up a respectable effort, Fernandez’s Dorm won the “funniest meme” title this fall.

However, we nearly monopolized the points for “best dressed.” Wednesday was Pajama Day, and my prefect, Teddy, and I shared the prize. Thursday was “country” themed, and decked out in stars and stripes apparel, I split the win with Matt Kandel, a friend from a rival dorm. To complete our rally, Gardner, another Lincoln’s prefect, was crowned the king of “Fresh Friday.” With those points and a few Roll Call announcements, we managed to climb to the top by St Mark’s Saturday. Lincoln’s was elated, and the experience helped us bond as a dorm.

PS: Looking forward to winter, we not only hope to retain the throne, but we want to win the meme wall back, too. I guess for now, we’ll just have to eat our spicy chicken sandwiches. . .better luck next time Fernandez.