Zebra Tales
Trey '21

Surprise Pizza Party!

Dim at first, the headlights grow brighter as the Lazy Mary’s delivery car creeps toward Hundred House. The smell of six giant party pizzas wafts through the air as the driver stops the vehicle—taking the keys out of the ignition. Checking the receipt, he announces, “Umm, I have an order for. . .the Fifth Form?” Excitedly, I reply, “Yes sir, I can take them.” After piling the massive rectangular boxes into my arms like the blocks in a Jenga tower, the driver takes off, and I begin waddling toward the student center. A few minutes later, I arrive at the doors—where Gracie ’21 and Sam ’21 walk out to meet me. The party was about to begin.
Exam week can be a hectic part of the Groton School year, so as a form, we decided to come together for forty-five minutes and have a pizza party in the student center—a venue with pool, foosball, and ping pong tables, TVs, sofas, and more. The term’s final English essays were due that same morning, and afterward, students spent the afternoon studying for Wednesday’s language exams. Luckily, pepperoni pizza and Post Malone proved to be the perfect excuse for the form to take a relaxing break.

As co-form officers, Gracie and I organized the event with Mr. Leroy, the director of student activities. In about two weeks, we are excited to host a holiday-themed outing. Before December break, our form will get together again, this time for a cookie-decorating party. With Christmas on the horizon, we can’t wait to celebrate!