Zebra Tales
Elyse '22

My First Job

After finishing my first year at Groton, I realized that I had grown up considerably. Attending boarding school away from home, I learned to take better care of myself and self-advocate. When I returned home to San Francisco for the summer, those newfound life skills stayed with me as I took my first paid job, an internship at the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
When I first arrived at the office, I was amazed. It was nothing like the monotonous gray-hued cubicles that seem common at many corporate jobs. The Centre was a proper tech company, with its casual offices in two buildings nestled within a field walking-distance from the Golden Gate Bridge. Although I was inexperienced, the gorgeous scenery, my fellow interns, and friendly co-workers immediately put me at ease.

During that first day, I discovered exactly what the Centre did for the global community. With the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly more commonplace and the boundaries are blurring between robotics, biology, software engineering, etc. There is a great need for new policies surrounding the safe and ethical use of new technology. The Centre, as a part of the nonprofit World Economic Forum, works with both governments and private companies worldwide to create policies and pilot best practices to ensure that the world continues to benefit from the Fourth Industrial Revolution.