Zebra Tales
Elyse '22

Field Hockey

There is a different feeling that accompanies being one of the older members of a team. Last year, I was one of the the youngest and least experienced players on my field hockey team. I spent the whole year trying to learn the rules and getting to know my older teammates. This year, however, was completely different.
I was now one of the older members of the team, already having a comfortable position that I had learned to play well. I found myself able to help the younger students on the team and taking more of a leadership role on the team. I noticed the beauty of the cycle, starting out as a curious Lower- Schooler and evolving into a more confident Upper Schooler.

A few weeks into the season, there was a new addition to our team. The exchange student from England, Geena, brought her bubbly, high-energy personality onto the field. She quickly became an invaluable member of our team, playing both defense and offense with the same rakish grin and determination. As the practices and games rushed by, it was suddenly Parents Weekend and Geena’s last game. The game against Tabor was one we never expected to win because they were known for having a really good JV team. Against all odds it seemed, we played our best game, beating Tabor 1–0. With tears in our eyes, we all hugged Geena goodbye and did one last team cheer, commemorating both her time on the team as well as our unexpected win.