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Gili '20

Discovering a MA Island

Another memorable moment from my summer vacation was my trip to Martha’s Vineyard for a week. This was my first time visiting the Vineyard, so I was really excited. I spent a week there with my childhood friend, Brooke. Brooke’s house is in Oak Bluffs so it was really nice to be right in the middle of the liveliest town on the island.
We arrived on a Monday night and dove right into the action. Within two hours of our ferry docking on the island, we had changed our clothes and hopped in an Uber heading for the annual Jack and Jill MV Teen All White party. It was so much fun and everybody looked great in their all-white attire. However, between all the sweating and all the spilt drinks I can’t say everyone’s outfits stayed white for very long. However, I would definitely say that buying a new outfit is well worth it for that particular party.

The second day was more for sightseeing rather than adolescent fun. Brooke and his mom come to the Vineyard every summer, so the bus tour was nothing new to them, but they were kind enough to accompany me on it. The bus tour went through Oak Bluffs, Vineyard Haven, Edgartown, and a couple other smaller towns on the island. We also drove past the two most popular beaches on the island: South Beach and Inkwell. Finally, we also made stops at historic sites and places of interest, like the Flying Horse Carousel and the Old Whaling Church. On Wednesday, Brooke and I spent most if not the entire day at Inkwell Beach, getting a few shades darker and a lot more sandy. That night we had dinner at a pretty popular spot on the island called Fat Ronnie’s. They have some of the juiciest burgers I’ve ever tasted and French fries cooked to perfection. I wouldn’t have noticed it if Brooke hadn’t pointed it out, but Martha’s Vineyard has no fast-food restaurants nor popular chain restaurants. I must admit, it was quite refreshing to get away from junk food but I’m a bit torn between a $12 burger from Fat Ronnie’s or a $5 Big Mac from McDonald’s. Thursday was more of a lazy day. It rained the whole time, so Brooke and I went to go watch a movie. We left Martha’s Vineyard on Friday morning and went our separate ways.