Zebra Tales
Gili '20

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Starting up the school year again, knowing that it will be my last, gave me mixed emotions. Towards the end of summer, I spent much of my time thinking about all the “last” things I would do once I arrived on campus this year. I thought about experiencing my last Surprise Holiday, hearing my last chapel talk, and playing my last soccer season.
However, when I came back to Groton, my focus shifted to all the new experiences I was in store for. I really look forward to taking Exposition this year. After many years of sitting next to my fellow Sixth Formers and handing in papers together, getting the chance to finally read them and critique them excites me. I was also eager to see to the new freshmen on the soccer team, who will help continue the seniors’ legacy once we leave. 

As a Sixth Former, I feel like I am on the inside looking out. This is my third year at Groton and I feel like I know how things work around here. It will be exciting to see all the new faces fumble around the Circle and get their bearings in their new home, while reminiscing on the times when I was once one of those new faces.