Zebra Tales
Amber '23

A Different Kind of “Back to School”

Coming back to school has been a somewhat new but amazing experience. I arrived on Thursday, September 7, and while I was eager to see my friends again, I had to quarantine in my dorm for about thirty-six hours before I was allowed to move around campus. This was very different compared to my arrival on campus last year, obviously because of changes that had to be made due to COVID-19.
One aspect of the whole move-in process that stood out to me was the sense of community that still existed, despite the many months that many of us had been away from campus. I found it really easy to reconnect with my friends, and even establishing relationships with new students and teachers I had never interacted with before was not difficult at all. It is really special that everyone was able to find a state of normalcy even with the new rules and regulations, and I am eternally grateful that Groton was given the opportunity to reopen.