Zebra Tales
Amber '23

Fall Reflections

It has been exactly a week since we left school, and I have mixed feelings of missing Groton but also being happy to be at home with my family. This past fall term was unlike any other, with all the new COVID restrictions and instructions that faculty, students, and staff alike had to follow. Even though it was a new experience, to say that I did not enjoy it would be a lie.
This term, I felt like I had more time to hang out with friends and get to know other people better, and I would say that would be a highlight of the two months we all spent together. Many a time my friends and I went on walks down to the boathouse on weekend afternoons, stayed up watching movies in the dorm, and spent hours at the Dining Hall telling each other stories about our quarantines.

Groton is a really special place, and that is because there are some really amazing people there. After a long day of many discussions, whether in or out of the classroom, I always went to sleep feeling very lucky. It is ironic how such uncertain times have brought people together so quickly, and I am so thankful that I got to experience that this term. I hope that we will have the opportunity to make more memories soon, but for now, I hope that everyone has an amazing time at home!