Zebra Tales
Jared '22

Reflections on My Junior Year and the End of the Term

As things wind down here on the Circle, we are getting to the time of lasts at Groton. My last AP, Statistics, came a week ago, my last tennis match a few days ago. Our last days with the seniors are upon us now…
The end of the spring term always bears mixed emotions for me. The warm spring air and the return of the leaves and greenery induce a sense of excitement: summer is coming. As schoolwork slows down (there are no exams this year), the Circle bustles with more and more activity—Frisbee, Spikeball, softball games, even meals are held on the Circle, as almost everyone sits outside to eat. All seniors now have turned in their final drafts of their US History research papers and are finishing up all other major assignments. For the most part, they can now spend their time with each other hanging out. Prize Day, Groton’s graduation day, looms ever closer, and seniors have begun making their preparations for the day. Fortunately, the celebration this year will be held at Groton; all other students will return home, while faculty and seniors will remain behind.

Yet Prize Day also carries with it a certain sadness. The seniors, many of whom have lived at Groton for four or even five years, will be leaving behind a home, in a certain sense, leaving behind teachers and friends who have become integral parts of their lives. The sadness is also felt by those who aren’t leaving. Especially this year, with the seniors only being a year older, I know I’m going to find it hard to be at Groton next year without them.

But this spring term was a good one, a busy one. The first month was a bit hectic with work as teachers rushed to finish the curriculum before the APs beginning in early May. As soon as APs started, however, schoolwork died down and was replaced with review for the tests. Indeed, in the next few weeks, I was almost solely focused on the tests, which were spaced out over the next three weeks. The studying was tough and time-consuming, but I largely felt good after leaving all of them, and I don’t feel wiped out now with them over. As I mentioned, my last AP came last week, and since then, although I’ve been kept busy with a steady stream of work, I’ve been able to relax and hang out more with my friends. Having turned in my US History research paper today, I’m hoping to have even more time to hang out with them.

On a separate note, tennis this season was a huge success. Having successfully followed the necessary health precautions, our team was able to compete against other schools; we were able to play seven matches in total. Our team this year was very good, and we performed very well against the schools we played against and went undefeated for the season, beating Exeter, Middlesex, St. George’s, and Brooks and St. Mark’s twice each.

As we’re wrapping up here, I’ve been thinking about how I excited I am for my senior year at Groton. The course selections for next year came out a few weeks ago, and with almost all of my requirements already completed, I was able to select all of the classes that I really wanted to take. I’m especially looking forward to a few history and math electives which I’ve signed up for.

Overall, I feel that I’ve had a great junior year. Although definitely filled with hard work, I really enjoyed all of the classes I took and had a great time playing basketball in the winter and tennis in the spring. Most of all, it’s been so nice to be here in the first place for almost the whole year—I’m truly grateful to the administration and to Groton’s health services for taking the necessary precautions that have allowed us to come to Groton.