Zebra Tales
Lloxci '21

A Whole New World

Waking up on September 7, I had a jittery feeling. It was a good kind of jitters, though. After months of staying at home with my family in quarantine, I was finally able to come back to campus–a place I’ve made a second home. On the morning of my departure, I quickly finished any last-minute packing and hopped into the car with my dad to embark on a 2-hour journey.
At just 10 in the morning, it was quiet. Not many people were on campus as most were to come later or were currently in their dorms quarantining. The first day was quite tranquil, looking back. I had a surplus amount of time to unpack and familiarize myself with my dorm, which resides in the Lower School. This is my first time living in a Lower School dorm–specifically a 4th form dorm–so I’m excited to become closer with the Lower Schoolers, especially during this strange time!

For the next few days, I became one with my room. I had plenty of time to catch up on some shows on Netflix and got to read a good amount. However, with a nice view of the Chapel and the Circle, I anxiously awaited the notorious green dot signifying that I was free to leave the compass of my room and go into the world once again. The moment I got the heads up to leave, I immediately left to walk around campus. Others had the same idea, as I saw many people strolling about (socially distant of course)! It was so refreshing to see many familiar faces and new ones as well! It felt nice to catch up with friends after so many events happened throughout our elongated break. Although I left at noon, I couldn’t bring myself to return to my dorm until a bit after seven because of all the fun I was having outside.

When class started a few days later, everything felt as if it were coming together. Although the school day was longer and we have to abide by different regulations, it brought a sense of normalcy. I felt once again in my “habitat,” learning alongside friends.

As unpredictable as the future may seem now, finding those small memorable moments throughout your day is what makes your experience at Groton so unique. Who would’ve thought I’d miss the simplest of moments in life: late-night check-ins, sports games, and sitting in the Dining Hall with friends after a long and gruesome sports practice? From crew practice at the boathouse to lunch on the Circle on a chilly yet sunny afternoon, each day provides a new opportunity to create new memories. With that mindset, I will continue to march on as the fall term progresses!