Belmont Hill overpowers Groton on the Charles

Andy Anderson
On Saturday, May 13, we raced Belmont Hill and Brooks. Belmont Hill won all four races, but in first and third boats, we were close enough to have high hopes of catching them in two weeks. We hope that when a key oarsman from second boat who missed the races because of illness returns, all of our boats will speed up. Our third and fourth boats both beat Brooks. It was a good day of racing and although disappointing, there were signs of progress.
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Distance: 1300m
Conditions: Gusty tail/cross-tail, which made for tricky aligning at the start, but great racing conditions. Terrific job by all the coxswains navigating three-across racing on the Powerhouse!
Comments: The 2V4 race started slightly over the line. Thanks to Brooks & Groton for an exciting afternoon of tight racing!
First Boat
BHS 4:05.0
BROOKS 4:05.6
GROTON 4:08.1
Second Boat
BHS 4:05.9
BROOKS 4:08.5
GROTON 4:15.7
Third Boat
BHS 4:15.0
GROTON 4:15.5
BROOKS 4:23.7
Fourth Boat
BHS 4:22.4
GROTON 4:28.8
BROOKS 4:36.3