Classics Scholars Excel on National Exams

Groton’s young Classicists excelled once again this year on the National Latin Exam, with 82 percent of the 161 students who took the exam receiving honors. Likewise, of eleven Groton students taking the national exam in Ancient Greek, nine earned accolades.

On the Latin exam, 24 percent earned summa cum laude distinction for a gold medal, 27 percent scored maxima cum laude for a silver medal, 16 percent magna cum laude, and 15 percent cum laude.

Three students had perfect scores: Sara Agrawal ’25, Max Fan '25, and John Rogers '22.

Earning summa cum laude were Charles Beard '22, Evan Cheigh '22, Sophia Deng '22, Noemi Iwasaki '22, John Rogers '22, Christina Chen '23, Michelle Kim '23, Amy Ma '23, Benjamin Reyes '23, David Wang '23, Elizabeth Wolfram '23, Aimee Zheng '23, Brianna Zhang '23, Daisy Adinkrah '24, Cameron Cunningham '24, Allen Fang '24, Eric Ge '24, Jonathan Lai '24, Zimo Lio '24, Michael Lu '24, Aryun Ray '24, Tsion Shamsu '24, Eleanor Taggart '24, Tommy Zhang '24, Sara Agrawal '25, JP Charpentier '25, James Ebert '25,  Max Fan '25, Ella Farahnakian '25, Clara Maturo '25, Clara Trevino '25, Liam Warren '25, Audrey Zhang '25, Lindy Zhang '25, Sophie Zu '25, Nasir Hill '26, Lawrence  Manetz '26, and Sydney Nelson '26.

Evan Cheigh '22, Noemi Iwasaki '22, and John Rogers '22 all earned a book prize for four or five years of gold medals on the National Latin Exam.

On the National Greek Exam, Larry Li '23 earned a purple ribbon for a perfect paper; Colin Kim ’22, and John Rogers ’21 earned blue ribbons; Evan Cheigh '22, Torin Steciuk '22, Jessica Lee '24, and Benjamin Reyes '25 all earned red ribbons; and Sophia Deng '22 and Paulo Ley Duarte '25 earned green ribbons.

Congratulations to our Latin and Greek scholars—and the teachers who inspire them!