Groton Snaps Rivers' 10-Game Win Streak

The two teams had combined for 22 consecutive wins, and something had to give! It was a tight match across the board with Rivers taking early leads at #1, #2, and #6, and Groton jumping ahead at #3, #4, and #5, but it wasn't long before the Zebra's settled in and started to take over. Groton had a 9-3 lead after singles, and mounted two 1-4 comebacks in doubles, to end the match with a 12-3 victory. 

The highlight of the match came as the final doubles bout was finishing up. The two teams gathered for a player led game of "touch the fence." They had just battled on the court, but had immense respect and admiration for one another. The early tension in the match was quickly cut, and laughter was heard all over the court. It was a delightful evening of tennis. 

Next up is an early morning departure to Deerfield to take on the Hoosac School in the quarter finals of the NEPSAC Tournament.