Another strong performance at home

On the most picture-perfect day of the season (thus far), the boys welcomed BBN to our outdoor courts. The quality of the team's play mirrored the beauty of the afternoon.  Up and down the line-up, the Groton squad won decisively both in singles and doubles.  As BBN brought some extra players, there were two exhibition matches played on the "clay" courts.  In the 80's, those four clay courts (and two that were right behind the Schoolhouse) were the team's official home courts.  Winners of both singles and doubles matches today were Larry Li, Jared Gura, Ben Jones, Trip Wight, Griffin Gura, Jack Lionette, Will Vrattos and Lucas Li. 

Groton heads to St. George's on Saturday.  Commented Señor Conner: 'These boys continue to work hard and play some inspired tennis. One shot at a time!"