Another 1,000 Points!

Basketball ​co-​captain Rami Hahami ’22 scored his 1,000th point for Groton on Wednesday, February 23—the second Groton Zebra to hit the 1,000-point milestone in less than a week. 

Rami scored a total of eighteen points during a ​contest against the Rivers School. ​​He is the seventh basketball player in Groton history to hit 1,000 points and the fourth male. Last Friday, girls basketball player Calie Messina ’22 also topped 1,000 points.
Rami's achievement ​was especially impressive​ ​considering that ​interscholastic games were canceled in 2020–21, due to the pandemic, and that he started playing varsity in Third Form (ninth grade). ​He tallied 1,000 in only three seasons. ​
Before the away game began, he was sixteen points short of 1,000. ​While the Zebras didn't bring home a W, that didn't keep Rami from shooting, and shooting again. ​With ​about eight minutes left in the game, he had 998 points​ ​when ​he scooped a lay-up through the basket. ​During a time-out with about six minutes left, the team ​paused to ​congratulate Rami​.

​"It​'s obviously an incred​ible​ feeling​,​ but the credit goes to my teammates​," Rami said. "They​'​ve been th​e​re, supporting me​. It's all ​about ​them trusting me and trusting my ability to make plays for our team​. Without that trust​,​ none of this would be possible​."​

Rami has been running up the ​varsity ​scoreboard since 2018–19​ (he played JV in Second Form). ​During his first year on varsity, he scored ​256 ​points, ​then he scored ​​354 in 2019–20. So far this year he has scored ​392 points.

"​Rami is a selfless player. He puts the team before himself at all costs," said varsity boys basketball coach and Assistant Athletic Director Harold Francis. "He's a relentless worker. ​If we had played last year, I feel that he would have potentially been the school's all-time leading scorer.” 

Rami joins the select Groton basketball standouts who have hit 1,000: besides Calie​ Messina​, ​they include Alyna Baharozian '18, Joe Collins ’18, Marissa Garey '13, Drew Daigneault '10, and Asenso Ampim '07.

Congratulations to Rami, his coaches, and the team! Go Zebras!