Elizabeth R. Peabody Chair

The Elizabeth R. Peabody Chair was established in 1989 through the generosity of William Wood-Prince ’32 and other friends and family of Elizabeth Peabody. Since 2015, Peter McD. Fry has held this chair.

Peter Fry joined the Groton faculty in 2005 after working at schools in Ohio, Vermont, Morocco, and Maryland. As an English teacher, Peter works with Third, Fifth, and Sixth Formers, taking great pleasure in helping his students to become more skilled writers and more attentive readers. Peter has a special interest in nineteenth-century British fiction and offers an elective in that area.

His decision to pursue a career in boarding school education owes much to his own experience as a student at Exeter, where he was profoundly influenced by inspiring teachers and coaches. As an undergraduate at Yale, Peter majored in History of Art, played rugby, and sang with the Whiffenpoofs. Spending two years earning a master’s degree in English and Education at University of Vermont enabled Peter to combine his professional interests with his love of the outdoors and the New England landscape. An avid runner, hiker, and cyclist, Peter appreciates the natural beauty of Groton’s campus and its extensive network of surrounding wooded trails. Peter and his wife, Gretchen, live in a dorm; their three children are Grotonians.