The Christopher Brodigan Gallery Archive

“Images of Our World” by Dan Mead and Sally Eagle

“Images of Our World” is a fast-paced trip around the globe and a meditation on the essence of place. Spanning five continents, this body of work captures the spirit of what it means to live in a global era:  wherever we may be, we are firmly footed on a planet that is teeming with diversity—cultural, biological, geographical.  
In “Images of Our World,”  Mead and Eagle have collected stunning landscape photographs, compelling cultural scenes, and intimate images of animals to transport the viewer to faraway places, if only in the mind. Each image is a story in itself, a porthole to another place and time. The inspiration of enticing topography, of a traditional ceremony, of wildlife witnessed after watching and waiting—these are the rewards that Mead and Eagle confer through these images, which were taken with humility and respect for the subjects.
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