The de Menil Gallery Archive

Masters in the Making and Masters Made: The Art of Collaboration in Printmaking

September 24 to November 24, 2009
The Fall 2009 exhibition in the de Menil Gallery features forty prints resulting from the collaboration of master printmaker Curlee Raven Holton, founding director of the Experimental Printmaking Institute at Lafayette College, and leading African-American artists: Benny Andrews, David C. Driskell, Melvin Edwards, Sam Gilliam, Martha Jackson Jarvis, Al Loving, Faith Ringgold and many others.
Viewers will gain insight into the relationship between the printmaker and the artist. In this collaborative effort, possibilities of learning and creation expand in a dynamic way. The printmaker brings special skills to the process, which the artist might not necessarily envision before the project begins. The printer serves as a facilitator in developing the print, and the artist must let go of some of the autonomy typically associated with making art. Because of this unique relationship, the final product is often a surprise to both artist and printmaker. Thus, art making is broadened and enriched.
Established in 1996, the Experimental Printmaking Institute promotes research and experimentation in the printmaking medium. Since its inception the EPI has hosted over 75 visiting artists and artists in residence.